Welcome to a new series on the Jenn Mears Web Design Blog called “Shop Local”!

Last summer I took a deep breath, considered my options, and then made the commitment to join a new BNI chapter that was taking shape in Marblehead. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made in business so far.

Part of the appeal of a BNI chapter is what the members call “Spheres”. A sphere is a collection of members whose businesses are somehow tangential to each other. So, for example, I joined as the Web Designer “seat” in the chapter and there are other members who do things that are related to web design such as credit card processing, SEO, graphic design and so on. So, if someone goes to the graphic design person for a logo design and they mention that it’s for a new company, she might suggest that they use my services for the company web site. I love doing business this way. There’s a great feeling one gets when they are able to help a client out!

Welcome to my Sphere!

Here are some local businesses that are great to know if you are looking to get help either on the technical or the creative side of things for your company.

23 Preston Beach Road Marblehead, MA 01945
Kory was one of the first members of our BNI chapter to do a featured presentation and he was definitely a tough act to follow! His work includes professional portraits, product photography, family portraits and he even photographed Keith Richard’s wedding to Patti Hansen!

So if you need a professional business portrait for your site, or product images that look enticing, be sure to get in touch with Kory for rates and scheduling. Remember, if you want to look professional, then hire a professional!


getfoundquick-screenshotBOSTON WEB MARKETING
108 Union Wharf Boston, MA 02109

Tim Whelan came up to me after the first BNI meeting I attended and said, “Thank god you do WordPress!”. That’s always nice to hear. Search Engine Optimization is one of the fields in web work where I might know what a lot of the lingo means, but I don’t necessarily have the background to to the most effective job. SEO is pretty much what Boston Web Marketing does. So we have great symbiotic relationship where Tim has clients whose web sites need rebuilding in order for their SEO strategy to pay off.  So far this has worked out great and it’s a relief to know that I am handing off a project to folks who will keep working hard to make sure my work is seen.


Creative Ink Salem MA printerCREATIVE INK
167 Boston St. Salem, MA 01970
Do you want to hear about dedication to getting the job done? Charles Crowley of Creative Ink drives from Newburyport every Friday morning to make it to the BNI Nor’easters’ meeting by 6:30 AM in Marblehead. And he drove down to where I work as a web master in Norwell and folks there have been very impressed with his ability to deliver accurately and on time. As the marketing pointman for the Warwick complex in Marblehead, Charles does a lot of work with restaurant-related marketing projects so if you need to get the word out about your new restaurant, or any other business, Charles is your guy!

157 Elm St Marblehead, MA 01945
Hospital: 781-639-6070
Emergency: 781-632-3319
Major confession time: While I love working with code, I HATE working with hardware. If I go to a client’s house and get the “Do you know how to configure Windows?/Fix my Wifi?/Outlook” vibe, I am USELESS. I don’t speak Windows, I have never built my own computer from a coffee can and a couple of AAA batteries and won’t be doing so any time soon. So, it’s great to have Stephen Bach in my corner. Literally, as in I can’t leave my neighborhood without driving by his shop. Maybe it’s the fact that he used to work as a Key Grip, but Stephen is also a master of the BNI 45 second commercial. Whether it’s simulating a coffee spill on a laptop, or letting you know about the latest email scam, he always has a great tip. Definitely a great guy to have in your corner the next time your kid downloads something off that sketchy-looking Minecraft mods site.


firstdataservicesFIRST DATA
If you have ever been faced with the task of setting up any sort of e-commerce or credit card transaction for your business then Sonny is the guy you want in your corner. First Data specializes in finding the right tools for your online store to handle credit cards and keeping your customers’ data safe. If you want to set up an e-commerce site, by all means call me, but First Data is the next phone call you should make!



joganenterprisesJOGAN ENTERPRISES
550 Adams St. Suite #375 Quincy, MA 02169
John Cadogan is an expert on what happens to your data. His company, Jogan Enterprises specializes in IP and VOIP network systems that will keep your office network running smoothly. Basically he’s the guy that shows up and then disappears into that closet in the back that has all the wires coming out of it and makes that weird humming noise. That’s your business’ “brain” and John is like a ninja-level neurosurgeon.


Marblehead, MA 01945
“One Great Idea Can Change Everything” One great connection can change your whole life! Years ago, a friend called me up and said: “I gave your name to my friend Bill Purdin. He needs a dropdown menu for a client’s web site.” I called Bill up and asked him when he needed the menu by. “Oh, tomorrow.” Um. Okay. Luckily I had the right script and html to pull it off and Bill and I have worked together off and on ever since. For clients that are just starting to pull a business together and need to have a marketing expert’s services I always send them to Legend.


suzanne naudin graphic designSUZANNE NAUDIN GRAPHIC DESIGN
Marblehead, MA 01945
I actually first met Suzanne via e-mail when my client Gary Canner asked me to work with her on some graphics for his web site. I could tell immediately that she was diligent and creative, which is actually a pretty rare combination. I was thrilled when I found out that she and I would be joining the BNI Nor’easters as founding members! Every week during our weekly presentations she brings an example of her work and her designs always look clean, colorful, and visually appealing. I love having a graphic designer to refer people to — for logos, packaging, magazines, catalogs, and branding collateral.

Ron’s Zagarri’s company, Razar Graphics actually does a LOT more than custom printed pens. They can do vinyl banners and custom maps, t-shirts, key chains, travel mugs, you name it, Ron can get your logo on it. To be honest, I have never been a big believer in doing a lot of print advertising for my company. I would much rather put something in the hands of a potential client that they would find useful. Maybe it’s the bright orange that I chose, but handing someone a pen with my company name & number on it always brings a smile.