How We Can Help Others

The New American Association of Massachusetts

The New American Center’s mission is to help immigrants and refugees living in the North Shore area acclimate themselves to the U.S. Besides offering classes for English literacy and citizenship, the NAC works with the community to provide support through affordable child care, career advice and counseling services.

More than just a school, the NAC is a community made up of retired teachers volunteering their experience, former refugees helping others gain a foothold on their journey to citizenship and local families who are in need of an economic lifeline.


Since their formation in 2011, Amirah has helped hundreds of women escape the cycle of exploitation and sex trafficking and reclaim their lives. Operating in the New England area, the organization provides safe places for survivors to shelter and recover as well as counseling services. Amirah also has an outreach program aimed at helping women escape their abusers and educating the community on how they can help end sex trafficking.

Learn more about Amirah here

You can help Amirah’s mission by contributing on a monthly basis, making a one-time donation, or, enrolling in a round-up campaign, by clicking the button below.

“Today, I want you to know that because of Amirah, I have the chance to live a life people dream about.”
Amirah Residential Program Graduate

Essex County Hunger Relief

A program managed by the Essex County Community Foundation, the goal of Essex County Hunger Relief is to provide a network of resources to help local hunger organizers get the supplies and funding needed to alleviate hunger in their area.

To provide a valuable resource for recipients and donors, ECHR donate page has an alphabetical list of towns in Essex county with the various food resources available in that community as well as the biggest needs they currently have.

To find out how you can help alleviate hunger in your local community click the button below.

Lifebridge North Shore

Lifebridge has been a resource and an advocate for the homeless in the North Shore area for over 30 years. In that span of time, the organization has grown from a church-run soup kitchen serving two nights a week, to a partnership of non-profit initiatives working with over 300 individuals on a daily basis.

If you would like to help Lifebridge and their partner organizations work with their clients to end homelessness for good, click below to find out more.

Spur Good Deeds

Spur’s mission is to centralize volunteer opportunities across the communities of Lynn, Marblehead, Salem, and Swampscott. Their website provides information on how people can find ways to donate their time, resources and funds to various non-profits in the area.

To help Spur succeed in their mission to offer volunteer resources and youth education about social responsibility in the community donate via the button below.