Jenn Mears Web Design offers a range of services that can help you build your company’s online presence.

Site Design From The Ground Up or Redesigns

Do you have an existing web site that looks outdated and is hard to maintain? Are you starting a new business and need a great web site fast? I can get it done, and done right.

WordPress Site Maintenance

Besides helping you build the site you want, I can help you maintain it and keep it running smoothly. WordPress core files (what builds the engine for your site) are constantly being improved upon and it’s good to have someone who is dedicated to keeping your site up to date and in top working condition.

Social Media Integration & Management

How to stay on top of all the various social networks? Don’t even know how to begin? Let’s face it you are busy running a business and running an effective social media presence can be daunting. I can help!

Custom Tutorials

Does your site need some special plugins to work for you and your users? If you need help to understand how to work with a calendar plugin, how your posts might display on the site or how to work with a gallery, just let me know and I can help you out.

SEO Help

One of the questions that web professionals constantly here is “Can you get my site get to the top of Google?”. While no honest professional will guarantee that your site will show up high on a SERP, I can show you ways that your site can be more easily indexed and how to keep visitors coming back and racking up those page hits.