Blog Writing & Management

You’ve probably heard that having a blog on your site is great for SEO (and it is), but what about actually doing it? Chances are if you are caught up in the day-to-day operation of running a business, managing employees, generating sales, etc, who has time to write blog posts?

If you want to attract visitors to your website and keep them coming back to reading and share your content with others, a blog can be your site’s most cost-effective asset.

Content Writing

Do you want to have a blog for your business, but having trouble finding the time to actually write posts? Or do you often find yourself staring at a blinking cursor, not sure what to write about? Why not hire someone who can create professional content on a regular basis. I can help you keep your blog’s content fresh by writing posts on a regular basis complete with images and text optimized for search engines.

Content Optimization

Just creating interesting content isn’t enough. You need it to find the right audience and you need the right audience to find you. There is no “magic” in having a successful blog. It’s the result of carefully monitoring what content your readers respond to and capitalizing on your audience’s attention.

Content Distribution

In order to reach your audience’s full potential, you need to deliver your content to where they are. Having a network of social media channels and newsletters can have a big impact on your readership and create a flow back to your site as well.