How We Can Work Together

Let’s Meet

Let’s get together over a coffee and talk about what your needs are for your website. Jenn’s Web offers a free half-hour initial consultation (available by phone as well) where we can discuss your ideas and goals and develop a game plan going forward.

Some topics we may cover include: your domain name, hosting needs, main purpose of your site, your intended audience, and your budget.

Proposal & Estimate

After we meet and talk about your hopes and plans for a new website, I will have a clearer picture about what you are looking to do. Using that, I can compare the anticipated scope of your project with previous jobs and come up with an proposal for you.

In cases where a particular feature or function needs to be shown in a live web environment, Jenn’s Web can put together a test site on its own server that you will be able to log into and view as a working website. If your project doesn’t require preliminary testing, then I can put together a design mockup of several site pages including how they will look on a mobile device.

In addition to a test site or mockup, Jenn’s Web will provide a proposal that includes the scope of work, proposed site architecture, an overview of any specialized functionality, a terms of agreement and an estimate based on the anticipated number of hours needed to complete the scope of work.

If, based on the proposal, you decide you would like to move ahead and sign off on the proposal, there is a required deposit based on a percentage of the estimated final cost. After both parties have signed the included terms of agreement, work can begin.

Work Begins

If one has not been set up previously, a test site is created and Jenn’s Web will begin to develop the sites’ pages, graphics and configure any needed plugins on a site that can be accessed by the client using a login.
This is beneficial for all because the site is built in as close to a live environment as possible without being visible to the general public.

Clients are welcome to log into the test site whenever they wish to view progress. All questions and feedback are welcomed. My goal with every project is to deliver what you are asking for while making your site as optimized and functional as possible.

Jenn’s Web utilizes a time-tracking system so that billable work is clocked accurately and invoices can be generated directly from the time-tracking service on a regular basis. Usually the deposit paid is counted against the hours covered by its amount.

Development Testing & Approval

If you have an e-commerce project, then it’s vital to make sure all your store’s features are working in harmony before you launch. The same goes for other functionality needed such as contact forms, search tools, social media embeds or custom post capability.

At all points during development, your site needs to be checked for mobile device display and optimized for search engines and browsers. Content such as page headers, photos and graphics require a coordinated strategy to maximize your site’s search engine optimization before it goes live. Once all your site’s pages and features have final approval, the launch phase can begin.

Site Launch

Site pages are approved, links are tested, contact forms are tested and content and image optimization has been completed. Now your project can make its final steps before going live. The test site can be transferred over to your own hosting account, or, if it has been built in its final place behind a “Coming Soon” page, that page can be removed. Congratulations! Your new site is live on the web!

After your site is live, there is still some work that needs to be done to ensure that it will be indexed by search engines. Jenn’s Web can take care of submitting your new sitemap, setting up a Google Analytics profile and creating customized page descriptions.

Training & Further Work

One of the great things about having a site built in WordPress is that you can edit your content on your own by logging into the dashboard. However, it can feel a little overwhelming and most clients would like to have a little training before they feel comfortable managing things on their own. Even though Jenn’s Web has a lot of tutorials on this site, it’s a good idea to spend a little time one on one to make sure that you fully understand the site. Everyone learns in different ways and has their own “comfort zone” with new technology so we can go over your site and make sure you feel at ease with what you want to do.