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But seriously, this is one of the most important steps in the whole process. Ideally, before you hire a designer, you should have a sense of what you want your site to focus on, what kind of audience you are going for, and a rough idea of the various sections you want to have on your site. If you have a URL already, and a hosting account, then you should have any user names and passwords needed to access the account. Try to find web sites that you would like to emulate and save those sites to show a designer so they can get a sense of what you are going for.

It is if you just want to set up a “brochure site” with some links and an email address to contact you. However, if you want a CMS-based site, a site with a contact form that collects useful information from your site’s users, and possibly a database, then you need to do some careful shopping around. Your ideal hosting company is the one that offers the features you really need, the customer support you require and a price that is affordable.

Setting up an account requires some sensitive financial information that you may not feel comfortable releasing to a third party. Also, when the account is up for renewal, it should be the site’s owner (you) that makes the decision to renew, not the designer. If you have any questions about the process, I can certainly help via phone or email though.

If you would like an estimate up front, just be prepared to let me know what your budget is. I like to provide estimates that are based on what you need, but it’s important for both parties to get a sense of what will be feasible. I can give a fairly accurate estimate after meeting with you for a free initial consultation.

After we have our initial meeting, I will be able to provide a Scope of Work statement as well as an estimate based off of that. A deposit of about 40-50% is required to commence work and depending on the budget, I can bill in installments. After the agreed-upon initial Scope of Work has been completed, I can provide another estimate for further work.

I offer a few options for keeping your WordPress site running smoothly by performing updates, backups and security. You can find out more here!

Of course! I have a few tutorials on the blog to get you started. If you have a specialized site, with features like e-commerce or a gallery, I can provide a customized tutorial and meet with you to show you how everything works.

I have worked with a pretty wide range of hosting companies. This is where the adage: “You get what you pay for.” really rings true. After using a “cheap” company and then a “reputable” company, I found a company called WP Engine that provides crazy good, secure, hosting with automatic backups and great customer service. Save 20% off your first payment

Domain name registration and hosting are separate services. And yes, you can have a domain registered with one company and host your site with a different company. The best way I have to explain how they work together is this: The domain registration is like a title deed on a condominium that says you own it. Hosting is like your mortgage & condo fees. It’s what you pay for a place to put your stuff and maintenance fees for keeping everything looking good!