Last week I was coaching a client through the basics of keeping a blog on her site updated. As we talked about ideas like a content calendar, publishing to social media, how often to post etc., I could see the familiar look of panic start to creep into her eyes. It’s the look we all get when we realize that a new daily task needs to be added to the approximately 857 we already have on our to-do list.
“I barely have time to deal with my email.” She moaned.

And then I asked her:

“How often do you check your email?”

“All day long.” She replied, brandishing a rose gold iPhone 10.

“So, what if you could post to your blog via email? Then you’re not chained to a computer, right?”

I could already see gears turning. Hope rekindled in her eyes. “You just need to set up a secret gmail account and then I install the Postie plugin on your site and then any email to that account gets published as a blog post. You could write a post waiting at the dentists office.” It took about 20 minutes to get her set up and now it only takes a few minutes on a phone to keep the blog updated!