Getting Ready To Launch

When every function has been tested, all links and images checked, and the content has been given final approval, then the site will be loaded onto the main address (URL) of your hosting server. Once things are in place, then it’s time to let the world know you have a new site on the web. If you have a list of contacts, then it may be a good idea to send out an email announcing your site. Any company correspondence should also have the url listed with your other contact information.

Search Engines, Spiders and Your Site

After your site is live, then you can start submitting it to search engines. Some hosting services offer to do this as part of a hosting package, but it’s possible to do it on your own. If your site will offer an RSS feed, then it’s a good idea to register that feed with Google’s Feedburner service and also sites such as Technorati.

Spiders are automated programs that crawl through web content and find keywords. If your site is well-optimized, then search engine spiders can easily find the words in your content that match what your market is likely enter into a search engine to find a site like yours. For example, you have a landscaping site based in Salem, MA, and your home page is entitled: Jane’s Landscaping of Salem MA. Should someone be looking for a landscaper by entering the search terms “landscaping” and “Salem, MA” into a search engine, then your site has a much better chance of showing up in the results as opposed to another landscaper whose home page is simply entitled “Home”.

Free Advertising on the Web

There is a world of free marketing out there on the web just waiting for your business. Review sites, localized search engine listings and sites such as Angie’s and Craig’s List, all offer ways to get your site out there on the web. Here’s a couple of guides to get you started.

Social Networking for Your Site

Another great, (and free!) way to promote your site is through sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Joining is easy and once you have built up a network of followers, friends and connections, you will have a ready audience for new content on your site or news about your company