SEO Help

Your company’s web site can be a powerful tool. That is if you know how to wield it effectively. Ever wondered how your competitor’s web site always shows up in the top of the search results? There’s no sorcery involved, it’s usually the result of a carefully planned, executed and monitored Search Engine Optimization plan (SEO for short). And it’s highly likely that your competitor has hired professional SEO help to reach their goals.

Too often I find site owners are content to simply publish their site and then go back to the business of running their business. However, there are a range of practices and tools that you can utilize to help your site stand out from the competition that people simply ignore because they are convinced that it’s too hard to understand. 99% of Google’s mystery-shrouded ranking practices are just good common sense. After all, you wouldn’t hang a sign in your window advertising a product you don’t sell right? Customers would get annoyed if they walked into your business and found out you weren’t selling what they thought you were.

Even though a good percentage of SEO is fairly straightforward, there is a decent amount of legwork involved to make sure that your optimization efforts are truly paying off. Is your Adwords campaign bringing in enough traffic to meet your goals? Are people more likely to view your content on a mobile or desktop?

If you would like to increase your site’s traffic efficiently and cost-effectively I would love to meet with you and explore how we can get your business up in the rankings!

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