Martial Arts School

About the Project

Wah Lum Kung Fu, on Edinboro Street in Boston’s Chinatown neighborhood, has been training martial artists in the Tam Tui Northern Praying Mantis style since 1969. I had been a student since I was working in an architectural firm across the street and stopped in on a whim one day during my lunch break. After moving out of Boston and having our daughter, I was no longer able to go to class on a regular basis, so I was thrilled when one of my old instructors messaged me and said they were looking to re-do their badly out-of-date website.

The original site renovation was done using Sayontan Sinha’s Suffusion theme but after a few years, my friend contacted me again and asked if I could re-visit the project and make it more mobile responsive.

These lion-dancer head social media icons were part of the original Suffusion design and I couldn’t bear to leave them out of the new Divi incarnation of Wahlumpai.com!

The home page features a video background header with footage of a lion dance being performed by Wah Lum’s demo team. As I was working on the re-design, the school competed in the annual Kuoshu martial arts tournament in Maryland so I was lucky enough to have lots of new photos and videos to work with and updated the original site galleries with new images and added a video gallery as well. Since so many students and teachers over the years had posted videos on their own accounts, we decided to create a Youtube channel for the school and used it as the source for all the new videos on the website.

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