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About the Project

UC Funds, a capital investment firm based in Boston, MA, had taken on a renovation and re-development project in the Alabama Gulf Shores area that needed all its various entities brought together in one website. There was a condominium and luxury rental portion that was built around a golf resort and included a popular restaurant and bar as part of the amenities. Rather than be tasked with maintaining separate websites for each aspect of the property, UC Funds was looking for an all-inclusive solution.
That said, one of the biggest concerns in defining the site architecture was to convey a sense that there was a community atmosphere to the complex while also letting visitors and weekenders know they were also welcome.

It was also important to tie in the many local attractions, festivals and sporting events. After some discussion with the client, it was determined that a mega-menu for each major site section (residential, amenities and lifestyle) would be the way to go.

Using a wealth of professional photography supplied by the client and stock photos where needed, a menu system was built that featured thumbnails and links organized into categories.

The end result was a site that works for prospective renters, weekend warriors and long-term residents to get the most out of their stay.

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