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About the Project

After maintaining two separate websites for both sides of their firm for a few years, attorneys Nancy B. Norman and Mark S. Horrigan decided that it was time to present their practice as a cohesive unit.

Attorney Norman practices immigration law and her side of the business frequently intersects with Attorney Horrigan’s personal injury, family, and business law cases. Both had their own websites set up using the Findlaw services, but were not satisfied with the results. Jenn’s Web came up with a design and site architecture that could incorporate both sides of the firm and make it easier for clients to learn about their areas of practice.

Besides creating pages for each area of practice, Jenn’s Web also needed to develop their legal blog in order to further educate clients, provide resources for their community and highlight court victories. Each post also needed to be promoted across the firm’s Facebook and Linked In pages which was done by working to set up a system with office staff.
One of the main elements for the site’s design was using images of the distinctive Clocktower Building on Lynn’s Lynnway. Most of the firm’s clients live in the area and having a highly visual landmark on key pages helped them to pinpoint where the firm is located.

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