Artist’s Resume

About the Project

Actor, astrologer and Marblehead native, Geoff Van Wyck needed a site that would be able to show both aspects of his career and also feature some of his photography from his Instagram account. During our initial meetings, I was able to come up with a site design that captured his love of the natural world while also showing highlights from his acting work and Instagram.
The overall design approach was to include all the client’s various interests in creating the graphics and imagery for the site’s sections. The first task was to create a logo that could be used in the header. Using a combination of the Sagittarius and Libra symbols from Geoff’s own astrological chart, Jenn’s Web designed a logo using Google’s Rock Salt font. The same font was used for the site’s headers.
Throughout the site, the blue, purple and green color scheme was inspired by the natural world. Background images that showed the night sky over the trees tied together both aspects of Geoff’s career and gave each section some visual drama.

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