Putting a web site together is a process similar to peeling an onion. Just when you think you’re done, there’s another layer! There is so much to consider on a project that breaking things down into steps can help you get started on the right track.

Why do you need a web site?

Are you offering goods and services for sale? Do you want to inform your site’s users about something you are passionate about? Does you need a convenient way to keep your customers updated about your business? Probably the most important step to a successful web site is determining why you need one.

What’s in a name?

What should your site’s URL or web address be? For a business owner, the obvious choice may be the name of the business itself. An ideal name for a web site should give the user a strong sense of what the site is about. Think like the person you want to attract to your site. What do you think they would be most likely to enter into a search engine to find you?

How is your site going to be hosted?

Finding an ideal hosting situation is as important as finding a good designer. There are vast numbers of hosting providers out there, all with their own “perfect solution” for hosting your web site. To find the most effective hosting for your site, you need to prioritize your needs. Backups and security may be worth an extra cost if your site relies heavily on a database to function, but may take a backseat to the usability of the dashboard for another site.  Need help setting up your hosting?  Contact me